Pye-Barker Fire Moves to FormLink Systems

Executive Summary

Pye-Barker Fire & Life Safety has established a foothold in the industry since 1946.  With over 60 locations nationwide, they are one of the largest fire protection service providers in the United States.  Consistently leading the brand with top sales is the Charlotte, North Carolina branch.   When a server outage forced Charlotte Operations Manager, Edgar Halstead’s hand, he was eager to find a solution that further propelled the success of his branch.


While the Charlotte branch consistently ranked in the top-five for sales in the company, they still shared the same frustrations with paper-based inspections, invoices, and reports as other companies.  The paper inspections were often illegible, filed late, and tedious to relocate once filed.  As a result, working hours were wasted and business was lost. 

The hood-cleaning division in particular logged many miles on the road, with a footprint extending into four states.   A hood-cleaning crew would typically receive assignments on Sunday and not return to the branch until Friday.  Once the crew did return, they had paperwork and inspections dating back to Monday.  The sudden drop-off of a week’s worth of inspections meant an overwhelmed administrative staff and a client receiving invoices a week to ten days past the actual cleaning date.     

Additionally, invoices and inspections could not be claimed or supported without pictorial evidence requiring crews to take a digital camera with an SD card with them to every job.  Pye-Barker Charlotte then outsourced a tech to sort through and label each picture on a computer.  This not only was an added expense that led to delayed  invoices and payments, but it also caused lost business and missed opportunity.  When a tech found a deficiency—a burnt out globe or missing ‘EXIT’ sign—the customer’s response was all too often, ‘I’ll have to take a look at it,’ with little probability of ever securing the business. 

Perhaps the most glaring challenge, or rather ominous threat, was that Pye-Barker Charlotte relied on a physical server which meant that all data was stored on a server located within the branch.  Not only was data inaccessible from anywhere else, but it left the business vulnerable to environmental risks including fire, flood, theft, power outages, etc.  

Pye-Barker Charlotte aimed to not only safeguard themselves from the threat of server failure, but they wanted to attract larger clients with a clean, simple, and attractive process.  Ultimately, they needed to stabilize the ship and then equip it with new rudders to sail into uncharted sales.


How FormLink Systems Helped

Disaster inevitably did strike, and a server failure nearly brought productivity and most importantly, revenue, to a screeching halt. Thankfully Mr. Halstead had already been researching cloud-based solutions.  FormLink’s customized and clean forms, fast and friendly customer service, ability to be device agnostic, and offline functions ultimately made partnering with FormLink an easy decision.

Pye-Barker ‘ripped the band-aid off’ so to speak and brought the entire branch onto the cloud-based system. The branch was able to have crews trained and cloud-based security implemented within days of connecting with FormLink Systems.

FormLink’s approach and delivery immediately resulted in:

  • 35% increase in inspection billings due to increased efficiency.
  • An estimated 50% increase in deficiency approval since having the ease of pictures being taken and shared instantaneously with clients.
  • Pye-Barker saving thousands of dollars weekly in paid travel time by eliminating morning and evening physical check-ins for crews.
  • A decreased cost of ownership through relief of administrative burdens.
  • Better visibility into the metrics that drive success through more accurate billing and representation of what is actually completed on a month timeline.
  • Empowered employees and techs because data is readily available wherever you are.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Increased productivity.
  • A company that is working smarter, not harder.

Pye-Barker nationally leads the way in fire protection services, and the Charlotte branch is no exception.  Partnering with FormLink Systems afforded Mr. Halstead and his team a renewed sense of pride in their brand as their satisfied customer base continues to swell.  For more information on Pye-Barker, please visit or call 800-927-8610.