Backflow Prevention

Everyone is being asked to do more with less. Water purveyors and backflow testers are no exception. Simplify your cross connection control program today, with our easy to use backflow tracking software and little to no upfront costs. Save even more time and money by having contractors submit backflow inspection test results online, using our optional web portal.


Backflow Test Results in 3 Simple Steps

You can input backflow inspection test results yourself or use our web portal and have backflow testers input the backflow test results for you. Either way, you get the results you need with three simple steps. See just how easy it is to use our backflow tracking software.

Select a Location

Our secure location codes ensure your data is protected. Only individuals you authorize can access and submit backflow inspection test results into the system.

Select a Device

Once a location is entered, you can select from a list of backflow assemblies at that facility. You can also add new assemblies or replace defective ones.

Enter Results

Entering backflow inspection test results could not be easier. Our forms validate the information so you can be sure the results are accurate and complete.

Site Surveys Have Never Been So Easy

Use our site survey form or have us create one for you. Our software will track when your surveys are due so you never miss an inspection. Once you complete a survey, all deficiencies are tracked so you can ensure your community is safe.

 Select  a  Location 

Work online or download locations to your mobile device. Once downloaded, inspection forms can be completed without an Internet connection. You can upload your completed inspection forms the next time you have a connection.

Complete a Survey

Our mobile-friendly inspection forms make it easy to switch from paper. There's no need to be locked into specific devices or platforms. Complete the survey form during your inspection and eliminate duplicate entry.

Generate Notice Letters

We make it easy to create any type of letters you email or print. Create or customize letter templates to include deficiencies, missing backflow test results, or any other information you want to communicate.

Become A Satisfied Customer Today

...We were excited to finally find a fully web based cross connection control software that we could use on our mobile devices... We are able to reduce staffing because the contractors now do all the data entry for the annual backflow test results, entering the information through our web portal. The software does an exceptional job of tracking the overdue surveys, violations, and device tests...The software has a track record of 100% up time and the support response time is excellent... At the City of Wyoming we always try to keep up with technology and go above and beyond the minimum requirements set for us. FormLink Systems helps us to do this and we would highly recommend this software to any water purveyor.
by Tom Engelsma, Environmental Services, City of Wyoming

Getting Started Is Easy

With no software to install or servers to maintain, you can focus on your business, not ours. Our friendly staff will assist you in having seamless transition to the best cross connection and backflow tracking software available. You owe it to your community to have better compliance for less money.


Get Even More Benefits

Not all companies are created equal. We work tirelessly to ensure we offer the best value for your community's hard earned money. Our monthly >subscription pricing helps you manage compliance without high upfront costs or annual maintenance fees.


Our friendly staff can assist you in migrating your existing data into our system. There's no need to start from scratch when working with us. Save money today by switching to FormLink Systems.


Our software tracks upcoming and overdue backflow tests and site inspections so you are always on schedule. Our deficiency tracking also means you won't miss any critical problems in your community.


We know you're busy and on the go. You can use our software on your mobile device with an Internet connection. You can also complete inspections when an Internet connection isn't available.

Customer Service

Our clients are the most important part of our business. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and support. We'll be there when you need us most.

Easy to Use

Life is complicated enough so we try to keep things simple. Our inspection software is designed so even non-technical people can be up and running in no time but still has features for the most demanding users.


Get rid of that file cabinet and get online. All of your backflow test and inspections forms can be accessed anywhere you have an Internet connection. Our software can also email testers and property owners PDF copies.

Get Started Now

There has never been a better time to be more efficient and modernize your cross connection control program. Our backflow tracking software makes it affordable to maintain compliance in your community.

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