Easily complete your inspection forms using any mobile device, laptop or desktop.

Deliver professional PDF inspection reports in minutes, not days or weeks.


Track your inspections using configurable frequencies per system or device.

Tracks deficiencies so you can increase compliance or service work.


Access your data anywhere.

Query and export your data.

Generate notices using customizable letter templates, and more.


You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the best fire and life safety inspection software. Our easy to use Fire Inspection Software saves you time and money. Start today with our existing life safety inspection forms (NFPA-25 fire sprinkler inspection forms, NFPA-72 fire alarm inspection forms, fire extinguisher inspection forms, and more) or talk with us about adding your own.


You can input backflow inspection test results yourself or use our web portal and have backflow testers input the backflow test results for you. Either way, you get the results you need with three simple steps. See just how easy it is to use our backflow tracking software.


Use our site survey form or have us create one for you. Our software will track when your surveys are due so you never miss an inspection. Once you complete a survey, all deficiencies are tracked so you can ensure your community is safe.

Switching to FormLink Systems was by far the best decision I have ever made for my fire extinguisher company. The software handles the large amount of data very efficiently, saving me around 2 hours each day in paperwork, and nearly cut my average onsite time in half. It lets me know when my customers have inspections due, which eliminates the need for a separate customer relation software. My customers absolutely love the reports that give them detailed inspection data in an easy to read format. They also love the fact that they can see a projection of future services needed and set budgets accordingly. On top of all this the customer service is phenomenal. I have no complaints when it comes to FormLink Systems, they have my recommendation.
When I first learned we were moving to a new inspection program over 5 years ago, I was a bit apprehensive… I have had some bad experiences before with difficult to use fire sprinkler inspection software from other companies. My fears were never realized, though, once I got onto FormLink. From setup, to mobile use, to customer retrieval of inspection reports, the whole program is simple, straight-forward, and easy to use. Palladium’s customer support is phenomenal as well, although I rarely have to use it. If you’re looking for software that will enable you and your inspectors to get back to the business of service and inspections, use FormLink. It is hands down the best software I have used so far.
My name is Lindsay Millett-Glass and I’m an implementation lead for new processes and systems at International Fire Protection, a subsidiary of APi Group, Inc. In early 2016, our Atlanta branch incorporated a full time Fire Alarm inspections department. A strong desire for a device mapping application from that department partnered with the company’s need for standardized inspection forms across the 11 branches led my search for a vendor to FormLink. Another APi Group sister company’s implementation lead (Daniel Breen with American Fire Protection Group) had been using FormLink for almost a year when we began the switch and the number one reason both companies found great value in the system is simple: you cannot top the customer service available to you from FormLink. The answers to any questions we have are always received in more than a timely fashion and delivered with an understanding of the our business. Marc and his team understand what our companies and our customers find value in and they strive to exceed those expectations. The program itself is the most user friendly system we use in our company and the implementation was completed company-wide very quickly with the help of the efforts of the FormLink team.
We have been using the Formlink Systems Cross Connection web software since its conception in January 2014. We were excited to finally find a fully web based CC software that we could use on our mobile devices. The software allows effortless data entry for our onsite surveys, no more coming back to the office to complete a survey. We love the email option as we are working toward a totally paperless CC program. We are able to reduce staffing because the contractors now do all the data entry for the annual backflow test results, entering the information through our web portal. The software does an exceptional job of tracking the overdue surveys, violations, and device tests. It is easy to create or edit queries and templates with the software; the PDFs generated can then be emailed or mailed. The software has a track record of 100% up time and the support response time is excellent. At the City of Wyoming we always try to keep up with technology and go above and beyond the minimum requirements set for us. Formlink Systems helps us to do this and we would highly recommend this software to any water purveyor.
Researching new technologies to streamline our Cross Connection Program was something Holland Board of Public Works has been looking to do for years. Formlink Systems has exceeded all expectations on improving our Cross Connection Control Program. We are now able to eliminate all paperwork and improve our efficiencies by over 100%. Record keeping has never been better and the amount of administrative work has been cut by 75%. Year end DEQ reports are easily generated and pre-populated letters for communicating deficiencies ,survey inspections due , and testing notifications is the icing on the cake. If your company is still using the file cabinet and paper shuffle technique, it’s time to step into the 21st century and start using Formlink Systems. You will not be disappointed!
Our office has declared the last two weeks on FormLink a victory for perfecting a vital process and we sincerely thank you for that. The ease of the system has been impressive!
I no longer have to wait for technicians to turn in paperwork; once a service call or inspection has been completed it is uploaded and within minutes processed and sent to our office and the customer via email. I only wish we had started using FormLink sooner!