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You can input backflow inspection test results yourself or use our web portal and have backflow testers input the backflow test results for you. Either way, you get the results you need with three simple steps. See just how easy it is to use our backflow tracking software.

3 Easy Steps

Select a Location

Our secure location codes ensure your data is protected. Only individuals you authorize can access and submit backflow inspection test results into the system.

Select a Device

Once a location is entered, you can select from a list of backflow assemblies at that facility. You can also add new assemblies or replace defective ones.

Enter Results

Entering backflow inspection test results could not be easier. Our forms validate the information so you can be sure the results are accurate and complete.

What is a Backflow Prevention Device?

Backflow Prevention Devices are used to keep portable water supplies safe from pollution or contamination  because of backflow. Most all water supply systems are generally maintained at a high pressure to send water to the shower, tap, other fixtures. However, if water pressure fails or is reduced this may allow contaminated water from the storage, soil, or other systems to be drawn into the system. To keep this from happening in an emergency, backflow prevention devices are installed. These devices create an air gap, which is an open vertical space where a device connects to a plumbing system. It is in this space that contaminated water will collect, as opposed to going into your water system.

The Importance of Inspections

It is extremely important that systems are check often and well. Businesses need to make sure that their system is up to code to prevent back pressure that can cause contamination. Inspectors will be looking at the air gap or mechanical backflow prevention device. This device will be placed between the water main and the local water storage/use.

Other Types of Back Flow Prevention Devices Include:

  • Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker (AVB)
  • Chemigation Valve ( used primarily in agriculture)
  • Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA)
  • Reduced Pressure Zone Device
  • And More

What We Offer

Formlink Systems offers secured software that stores your data safely, while giving your inspectors access to digitally submit the inspection results. Even with multiple backflow prevention devices at your location, our system stores your whole list so that you can select the specific device you are inspecting for accuracy. Your inspectors will save paper, time, and storage by digitally storing all of your inspection results in one place. 

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Everyone is being asked to do more with less. Water purveyors and backflow testers are no exception. Simplify your cross connection control program today, with our easy to use backflow tracking software and little to no upfront costs. With the ability to have inspectors submit their results online with our optional web portal, your team is able to save even more time and money.  Having the best technology in the field ensures your employees have the best tools that they will use every day. Contact us today to speak to a representative to get started today.

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