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You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the best fire and life safety inspection software. Our easy to use inspection software saves you time and money. Go paperless with our existing life safety inspection forms (NFPA-25 fire sprinkler inspection forms, NFPA-72 fire alarm inspection forms, fire extinguisher inspection forms, and more) or talk with us about adding your own custom forms.

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Our mobile-friendly inspection forms make it easy to switch from paper. There's no need to be locked into specific devices or platforms.


Supervisors can review inspections before final submission, or they can be processed as soon as they are uploaded by an inspector.


Deliver professional looking PDF inspection reports to your customers in minutes, not days or weeks. Go green and save money.

What are Fire and Life Safety Systems?

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Fire and Life Safety Systems are put in place to make sure that employees and the business’ overall safety is under control. These systems can monitor against hazards such as fire, carbon monoxide, and natural gas. When businesses hold such valuable people and possessions in their buildings, it is important to make sure that they are safe from anything that may happen. These systems should be implemented in residential and commercial spaces to prevent any dangerous issues from happening

The Importance of Inspections

It is important to be sure that Fire and Life Safety Systems are functioning properly in the unlikely event of a fire. It is also important to inspect these systems once they are installed, as well. These inspections should occur often to meet regulatory and insurance requirements. As often as these systems need inspected, isn’t it important to have a quick and efficient way to fill out the necessary forms?

What We Offer

Formlink Systems is here to offer all of your required documents in a digital form, to be able to save your inspectors time in the field. We offer the NFPA 25 in a digital Fire Inspection Software that your inspection team can access from their phone or tablet, where ever they are. Having access to the NFPA 25 is very important as it is the standards for all inspections, maintenance, and testing for any fire protection system that is water based. We also offer the NFPA 72 inspection form in a digital form. This form is used to make sure that business’ systems are up-to-date on all of the latest safety codes for fire alarm systems. The NFPA 72 also monitors all of the standards for mass notification systems, such as weather emergencies; biological, chemical, and nuclear emergencies; terrorist events; and more. To avoid failed systems, it is important to have accurate compliance to ensure your system is ready to go in the chance of emergency. Our Fire and Life Safety Systems cuts down on paperwork, mistakes, and time for all of your employees. Contact Us Today It is important to be sure that your employees have the best technology in the field, it is time that you give your team the best Fire Inspection Software that is available today. Contact us today to speak to a representative and get set up today!

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