3 Ways Software Can Increase Revenue From The Clients You Already Have

Today it seems like we do most everything involving software or the internet. Paying bills, communicating with one another, and listening to music are just some examples of simple things that we didn’t use to need software for, but now it seems like we can’t imagine doing some of these things without the software we use every day.

Safety inspections and customer communications are no exception to things that can be improved with software. If you’re still keeping paper files and sending notices in the mail, then keep reading to find out 3 ways software can increase revenue from the clients you already have.

1: Easier Customer Outreach 

When you have a lot of customers, you’re probably excited that your business is doing well, but it can be overwhelming to keep track of all your customers. Each customer should be communicated with on a regular schedule, but it might be difficult to accommodate so many schedules when you have a lot of clients.

With our fire inspection software, you can create form letters to be sent to customers on a regular basis, so no one forgets to let an important compliance inspection slide. 

This form letter generation is a great tool in communicating other issues or problems a site is having. You can send notices letting customers know if they error in their tests, test results, or any other information you want to communicate. These form letter templates can be easily customized for any situation. You can send these letters electronically, or if your customers don’t have email, you can still print them out and mail them.


2: Data Collection Made Simple

It used to be that if you needed to collect data, you would probably need a logbook or a ledger for your records. This could be problematic if you cannot read the previous inspector’s handwriting, if there was an error when recording the data, or if pages of the book went missing.

With our fire and life safety inspection software, data is kept automatically and is recorded digitally for accuracy. And more accurate data means your customers can have tighter budget control. 

Not only that, our forms can be easily approved and shared.

If your competition doesn’t have the availability to take on new customers because they spend too much time doing inspections manually, you can take advantage of your faster inspections and digital results by taking on more customers. By using data collection software and digital forms, you spend less time doing manual inspections, scanning and sending , which gives you extra time to help more customers in the long term.

3: Customer Portals Give Your Clients Control

Another reason your business might be slowing down is that your customers might be relying on you to manage their information. Give them more control with a customer portal.With a customer portal your customers can control, and will give them a place where they can keep all of their digital files and see their data themselves.

This is a great way to keep your whole team on the same page in the event the account changes hands. Portals can also be accessed outside of normal business hours and since they are web based, you can access them from any device that has access to the internet. Portals are also a secure way to manage your data because they are password protected.

Make The Software Switch

There are so many reasons why software can improve your business. When your team is ready to see how much more they can make by investing in software for your business, contact FormLink to see how we can help you make the leap into the digital age.