Share These Tips with Your Clients On STAYING Compliant

When it comes to fire protection, you never want to find yourself on the tail end of a sprinkler system that hasn’t been properly maintained. It is important that your clients know the importance of the standards and guidelines that are set by their local, regional, and national agencies. These guidelines are in place to ensure they have the best protection and that they are compliant.

Why have Water-Based Fire Protection Inspections

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) created a set of guidelines for testing, maintenance, and inspections. This guideline is known as the NFPA25, which is used to have a quick and successful reaction during a possible fire. You can ensure the quick reactions by knowing that your system is always ready in case of an emergency. The NFPA 25 was set in place during the 2003 and 2006 International Building Code used in 46 of the 50 states.


This guideline requires that inspections, maintenance, and tests should be completed to be sure that all components are in acceptable working condition. If there are any issues during the inspection, it is important to make all of the issues known and it is important to have a qualified inspector inspecting your fire protection system.

What Can Happen If Your System Is Not Ready?

There is an endless amount of possibilities to the scenario, “I have not had my system checked regularly, how does that put me at risk in an emergency?” Therefore, the first items you need to look at are, what type of emergencies can I run into? 

  • Code Violations – Local fire departments are set to check issues with fire and life safety systems within local buildings. At the end of these assessments, you will receive a written assessment of any corrections that need to be made. Many of these inspections are unannounced which can leave you unprepared. These firefighters will be assessing local buildings and safety steps in accordance with local codes and standards. It is important to stay ahead of the inspections so that you can pass with flying colors. The goal of these inspections is not to create fear, but to make your building and employees as safe as possible. If there are items that need to be addressed, you will have a reasonable timeframe to fix these issues. 
  • Natural Disasters– Just like inspections, natural disasters can happen at any time. Unlike inspections, you need to be sure your systems are working properly before they happen! These disasters can happen while your employees are at work or at home. No matter what, it is important to make sure everyone and everything is safe at all times.
  • Accidental Fires– Fires, intentional or not, can be very dangerous for your facility. Just like the two above, there is no notice when an accident may happen. Fires can be caused by a multitude of things such as wiring, faulty equipment, candles, kitchen appliances, and more. Where many facilities may have rules against risky items like candles, we cannot always remove all risks. All buildings use wiring for lights, air conditioning, power outlets and more which are necessary to run a modern building. Without being able to remove all  causes of fires, it is important to know your system is in place and working properly before an accident happens.


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