If you find yourself cooped up during this global pandemic and inundated with ominous numbers and chilling news reports, take comfort in that you are not alone.  As #alonetogether trends across the web, more and more experts suggest prioritizing your mental well-being as we collectively hunker down for the foreseeable future.   One suggestion for keeping yourself and your household happy?  Prioritize something for your body, your brain, your happiness, and someone else every day. 

With the weather finally turning a corner and signs of spring upon us, it becomes easier to get outside and move your body.  In kind, neighbors seem to be everywhere covering sidewalks with messages of hope and well-wishes.  Something as simple as a phone call to a friend or family member can be a small gesture of kindness toward someone else, and that happiness is infectious.   

But how do you do something for your brain each day when it is likely saturated with news and worst-case scenarios?  NFPA can offer productive solutions.  In addition to their paid online learning and popular certification courses, NFPA is providing free distance learning in Energy Storage Systems, Flammable Refrigerants, and Alternative Fuel Vehicle Safety. These courses are encouraged for any responders, code enforcers, facility managers, and those who work within the built environment.  What’s more, these courses will no longer be free beginning July 1. Take advantage of what may be an unprecedented intermission from your normal day-to-day, build your brain power, and potentially further your professional trajectory.

  • Energy Storage Systems Solar panels and alternative energy sources are quickly becoming a reality across the country. This three-hour, self-paced module will engage, train, and certify viewers upon completion of data reviews and activities. 
  • Flammable Refrigerants It is hard to escape any news without talks of global warming. There is a national push toward using cooling and refrigerants with low global warming potential.  However, with the shift in technology comes a need to learn and adapt to the unique challenges presented by these new refrigerants.  This one-hour, self-paced module will immerse and develop fire safety personnel for the changing field.
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicle Safety Alternative fuel vehicles are increasingly popular on roadways. As technology and fuel shifts toward more eco-friendly paths, first responders, fire safety, and anyone responding to accidents involving alternative fuel vehicles will benefit from this four-hour, self-paced course.

If you’ve done something for your body, your brain, your happiness, and someone else, and you still find yourself drawn back to the COVID-19 media; NFPA offers a productive webinar targeting community crises and responses.  This NFPA 3000: Standard for an Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Programis a one-hour webinar advising communities and first responders in scenarios applicable to the COVID-19 community crisis. 


Finally, recall in this unique period of a global pandemic, we are connected like never before.  Take advantage of your online global community and the free resources it offers from the safety of your home.  Remember, we are #alonetogether.