Change is Hard, 5 Ways to Successfully Implement Change in Your Organization

Have you ever heard the saying, you cannot teach an old dog new tricks? We get used to the flow of things and the comfort of our everyday jobs and then we get a curveball, a new process or way to do something we have done for years! While we may think the way we work is the most efficient, that does not mean it is the MOST efficient way to do things.

What are the Top 5 Ways to Implement Change?

  1. Communication
    When bringing up change to your team, their first line of defense is to be nervous. They are likely thinking, why are we making a change now? What if this change affects how successful I am in my job? The first step while trying to implement change is to make sure your team THOROUGHLY understands why the change is necessary and what the change actually means to them. It is also important to explain how soon you expect the change to be fully implemented.
  2. Sell It!
    When trying to get your team to accept change, timing is everything! It is much better to discuss change when the morale of the office is high. High morale can mean all the difference in accepting something that is different. Low morale can create fear and lack of acceptance. Another important way to sell change is by showing that it works! It is much easier to help your team see the benefit of change by implementing  it and providing positive results.
  3. Leadership
    Whether we like to hear it or not, change starts with leaders. If we cannot get our team leaders to accept the change, how do we expect to see change with the rest of our employees? It is important to have the first line of defense on board to reassure the team that the change is in everyone’s best interest.
  4. Collaborate
    As we all know, it can be very difficult to create change in the way  teams work. That is why it is important to get your team working together during this critical time of change. If you notice one individual on your team taking hold of the change more than others, have them lead some trainings, or invite others to assist them in their process. When one person is making the change, it is easier to have others see the change work!
  5. Be Open to Suggestion
    New change can bring hiccups. This is why it is very important to be listening to some of the growing pains and issues with the change. Hearing these suggestions can improve your original process and make the change work even better. We need to listen to those who the change directly affects. 

How Do You Get Your Team to Accept Electronic Fire and Life Safety Software?

We all know paperwork is tedious and can be full of errors, but how do we get everyone to move forward? Many inspectors are very used to paperwork and have not fully accepted  the benefits of new technology. It is important to show those less proficient with technology how to use it with ease. The best way to show your inspectors why you should move to electronic forms is to show them how much time it saves in the field and how much more productive they will beSaving time can lead to more inspections in a day, as well as fewer mistakes in paperwork.

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