Fire and Life Safety Inspection Software | FormLink Systems

Fire and Life Safety inspection software provides peace of mind and significant return on your investment.  Whether you are swayed by first-person testimonials or perhaps numbers are more your language, FormLink Systems hit the ground running to provide current and potential users alike with the proof needed in order to make the software purchase a no-brainer.


Time and money are the metrics most often used in business, and FormLink software can put both back in your pocket.  If numbers are your thing, look no further than the newly updated ROI calculator located on FormLink Systems easy-to-use website.  This simple tool asks just three questions—your number of inspectors, the annual inspections completed by each, and the hours spent onsite.  Once you enter these numbers, you simply click “calculate your savings” and prepare to be impressed.  In typical FormLink fashion, they have made it as user-friendly as possible.  If you don’t know your numbers off the top of your head, they provide you with some example numbers that yield a shocking $74,749.50 in estimated savings.


If numbers sound nice, but you’re more of a first-person testimonial buyer, look no further than Carpet Capital’s breakdown on just where the savings emerge.  Not only does Carpet Capital, a customer out of Georgia, credit FormLink Systems with saving the reputation of the company, they also break down exactly where the cutting-edge software was able to outperform its competitors and put money back into their pocket.


Cody Carmon, Carpet Capital Engineer Designer, touts, “You click download to get the form.  You go to the building. You fill out what you need to fill out on the form.  Once the form is completed, you upload it, and you’re done.”  If that sounds overly simplified—it’s not.  The genius is in the simplicity, and this is where FormLink delivers.  After one demo, the technicians at Carpet Capital were up and running onsite, empowered and unencumbered by calls to help desks and back office administrators for additional assistance.  Because administrators are no longer tied up with technical help questions, they can focus on driving business forward.  FormLink empowers technicians to complete an inspection from beginning to end, thus saving time and manpower. 


Not only is the inspection itself a smoother, faster process with FormLink software, the inspection reports are clean, straightforward, and sent with ease.  Carmon laments that with Carpet Capital’s previous system, it could take up to two hours to generate a report, let alone the time it takes for an administrator to review the report and send it out to the customer.  However, with FormLink Systems, “…if we have seven reports, we can literally send them out in a matter of thirty seconds.” As the old adage goes, time is money.  


When discussing time and money saved, it would be remiss not to reiterate the value of having software that can be accessed anywhere, from any device.   Carmon bemoans his experience with building inspections where warehouses have poor cell service or have no service due to a company’s use of cell phone blockers. “We lost tons of information…that’s our time and money at that point.”  Consider a building with over 300 fire extinguishers that need to be checked, only to have to turn around and do it again when reports can’t be completed.  With FormLink Systems software, inspection forms can be downloaded to a technician’s phone, which means they have the assurance that reports can be completed anytime, anywhere. 


Carpet Capital is just one in a catalogue of nation-wide customers who praise the return on investment they have received with FormLink Systems.  Other customers trumpet the high-quality customer service, or the fact that with web-based software, you’re not wasting time on updates or installs.  Still others laud the customizable reports and reliability of both the software and the people behind it.  With FormLink software, the seemingly boundless benefits can only be matched by the time and money you’ll get back.