Making the Switch from Clipboards to Software

Although it wasn’t popularized until 2010, the first tablet computer was actually released about two decades ago. Even still, the products can seem strange to people who aren’t too familiar with the technology. But are tablets really that complicated? 

When you break it down, using a tablet isn’t that much different than working with a regular clipboard and paper. They both help you make notes and do business. Plus, they’re convenient and easy to use. In that sense, a tablet operates a lot like any traditional clipboard—just with some smart tech benefits.

Tablet Design Benefits

Now that the tablet has been invented, you can get all the benefits of an intuitive process for completing forms—plus the right technology to back up your work. The feel is very similar to working with paper and pen. But now there’s less room for error.

Tablets offer so much more than a hard surface to write on. Unlike the regular clipboard, they provide their own set of efficiency tools. Some of the most obvious tablet benefits include:

  • Save your work as you go—without the risk of misplacing paper
  • Share and send your forms ASAP—email access makes it easy 
  • Use multiple forms, wherever you are—without carrying anything extra
  • Built-in tablet backlights—to continue work in dark or dimly-lit spaces
  • Cost-efficient for office supplies—no paper or pens to re-order

Like a clipboard, tablet computers are durable. Wherever you need to go, you can easily bring it with you. And because the tablet screen functions the same way as any paper form, it’s really easy to learn how to use it in your daily routine. You can continue to process your work as normal, but now you know that your data is secure. The right software company can help ensure your inspections are safe, so nothing gets lost between job sites.

Efficiency with FormLink

Just as the clipboard was invented to solve a problem, the tablet has come along to streamline systems in a smart, effective way. Instead of managing dozens of different forms and paperwork—and trying to remember where everything was placed—it’s much easier to use a tablet. Utilizing this tech is a great way to boost your team’s productivity. All you need is a process that works for you, and a company that can help you make the switch.

FormLink Systems is proud to help companies make the most of what tablet/mobile device technology has to offer. Since tablets are just an extension of the typical clipboard, making the transition to a paperless system really isn’t as daunting as it might seem. FormLink Systems makes it easy to utilize technology in your business. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable solutions. With the latest tablet technology and our Fire Inspection Software, it will be easier than ever to perform your inspections and manage compliance.