Of course a lot of people are apprehensive when considering changing over their entire workflow system, but time after time, our clients tell us they wish they’d done it sooner. FormLink Systems understands that your company can’t afford long downtime or complicated processes for your team to learn, which is why we’ve made the entire transition as quick and painless as possible – allowing you to begin seeing the benefits of having an online, paperless, remote system right away.

Here’s a few of the ways we do that:


Each customer location your company has can be pre-imported into the online FormLink system so that your team can hit the ground running when you make the switch.



The feedback we get from our customers is that their teams experience little to no downtime when they make the switch. We understand the industry and workflow, so we know how each cog in the machine works – from supervisors to inspectors to AHJ’s to customers  – and we’ve streamlined the process so that each one gets what they need, when they need it. Your team will find right away how going paperless saves both time and complication.



Here’s a few things they will like:

No Paperwork – No more remembering who gets what or having clipboards get lost in the van. All data is secure in the cloud and accessible anywhere with wifi. Data can be downloaded for completion even where there is no internet access!

Happy Supervisors – Workers can complete reports on site or anywhere else, and supervisors will have it “in hand” within minutes of its completion.

Satisfied Inspectors, AHJ’s, and Customers – All the chains of approval are built right into the software, so everyone who needs to view data gets what they need in the right order and as soon as possible.


It’s easy for us to think switching to FormLink is smooth and painless. What really matters, though, is what our clients have had to say about making the transition for their team:

“When I first learned we were moving to a new inspection program over 5 years ago, I was a bit apprehensive…My fears were never realized, though…From setup, to mobile use, to customer retrieval of inspection reports, the whole program is simple, straight-forward, and easy to use…If you’re looking for software that will enable you and your inspectors to get back to the business of service and inspections, use FormLink. It is hands down the best software I have used so far.”
Lauren Hoffman – Mutual Sprinklers, San Antonio


We find once our clients make the switch, they can’t imagine going back. To hear more about how we can help your team go paperless, contact us at the link below.

We’d love to learn more about you!