Top Ways to Save Time in the Field, with Inspection and Tracking Software

Paperwork can be complicated, get lost, and create hassles for everyone involved. What companies want is an efficient and secure way to get the vital information captured and move on. That’s why FormLink Systems has created inspection and tracking software – to uncork the paperwork bottleneck and allow ease of workflow. 

Here’s how FormLink Systems software saves you time:



No more searching for paperwork or contacting who had it last. Everything is online. So clients, workers, and supervisors – anyone with the appropriate access granted – can get what they need. View building information, inspection history, and keep up on any open deficiencies. And it’s accessible from multiple devices, so it can be viewed and edited from any smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Use what works for you!



FormLink Systems offers you access to a number of commonly used life safety inspection forms like the NFPA-25 fire sprinkler inspection forms, NFPA-72 fire alarm inspection forms, fire extinguisher inspection forms, and more. But additionally, we work with our clients to create any other custom forms their particular workflow requires so that their employees can go totally paperless. 



When things are moving fast, there’s not always time to complete a form on the fly, and internet access isn’t always available. So once any form has been downloaded from FormLink Systems, it can be filled out even if you don’t have online access. Once that form is completed, it can simply be uploaded the next time you have a connection. 



You decide ahead of time where reports need to go, so once they are finished – they can be sent up the supervisory chain, to AHJ for approval, and/or emailed as PDFs to clients with the touch of a button. No more worrying about formatting or ensuring the right people are getting them at the right time – it’s completely automated. And FormLink Systems can even generate custom letterhead templates so relevant information like present deficiencies, suggestions, or anything else you need to communicate is formatted professionally and automatically to the client. 


FormLink Systems software keeps workflow from getting stuck and muddled in the paperwork Bermuda Triangle. Give your employees a clear, accessible, and efficient way to get the job out of their hands. Give your supervisors an instant way to review and approve reports. And give your clients piece of mind and quick results so they can compensate you for the work that’s already done!   

FormLink Systems Inspection and Tracking Software let’s you get workers back to what they do best. And it saves supervisors, managers, and clients time – while creating a safe and secure way for everyone to track progress and note important future work that still needs to be completed.