Ways That Cross Connection Control Software Can Assist Your Business

As you may or may not know, cross-connection is where safe water and polluted water connect. In many residential areas, water only flows in one direction; however, in other circumstances, water can flow backward. This backward flow of water can cause pollution or contaminants to enter your drinking water. As you can imagine, this can be very dangerous and even deadly. With the risk involved, there are State and Local codes and regulations that mandate backflow prevention methods at every intersecting point.  There are heavy consequences for individuals who do not follow these guidelines. Some of these penalties include loss of water services, fines, and penalties.

What is Cross-Connection Control Software?

With all the risks involved, it is important to be sure that your system is up to code and inspected often. For non-testable systems, it is important to replace the devices every five years. Not only are back-flow prevention systems required in almost all buildings that are connected to city water, but the tests can be done with little to no disruption in normal everyday activities. Just like everything else in today’s world, it is an obvious choice to move testing to a digital format as well. For Cross-Connection Control, this means moving all tests into online software that can be filled out with a mobile phone or tablet.

How can this Software Assist Your Business?

Less Time for Testers With the move to put tests online, our clients have seen a steady decrease in time spent in the field. This time is saved by having one device to input all tests, meaning your testers don’t have to dig out the forms, find a pencil, and make sure they have something to write on. A good amount of time is also saved by fewer errors in the input of data and findings. Simplified Reporting for Compliance As mentioned above, being able to complete all tests online can save testers a great amount of hassle by having one place to find and input all necessary data. Better Management of Cross Connection Control Programs Back when paper was the only way to fill out a backflow report, it was an inconvenience anytime there was a change in wording, addition of needed information or modification in law or code because it was mean a new form had to be created. Not only did an organization need to make sure that they had only the new forms available, but they needed to make sure that each tester didn’t accidentally have the wrong form. Simplifying these forms to one online system meant that anytime a change occurred, you automatically had the newest form readily available.

Do You Want to Make the Switch to Cross-Connection Control Software?

We understand change is difficult, and we want to make it easy for you. Are you ready to make the switch today, or do you have a few more questions about our Cross-Connection Control Software? Feel free to reach out to a representative on our team to get started today!