What are the Advantages of Web-Based VS. Desktop-Based Inspection Software?

If your business handles fire and life safety inspections or cross connection control testing, you’ve probably noticed that the Fire Inspection Software for sale on the market is either web-based or desktop-based. You might wonder exactly what the difference between these two types of software is – and why does it matter to your business. These are good questions. At FormLink Systems, we want to provide companies with the information they need to make informed decisions on the Fire Inspection Software they buy and use for their businesses. 

A Quick Tutorial on IT Terms

Software. Applications or apps. Desktop-based software. Web-based software. These terms can be confusing to someone who is not IT savvy. Below are some basic definitions to help you understand software better.

Software is a general term that refers to any programs or data that are loaded and stored onto a computer. The software provides instructions telling the computer what to do to complete specific functions and tasks. Software can be made up of one or more programs. Software is the opposite of hardware, which are the physical components of a computer.

Applications are software that performs special functions. Application software is designed to help you with certain tasks, such as browse the Internet, manage projects, and create documents or spreadsheets.

Desktop-based software is software that is installed on a single desktop or laptop computer. The program and any data generated is stored in the computer’s memory. 

Web-based software is any program accessed over an Internet connection using a Web browser. The website pages act as a user interface. Web-based programs run on a secure, external server, which also stores any data collected. Web-based software is also known as cloud-based or Internet-based software. 

6 Benefits of Web-based Software

Web-based software offers a variety of benefits for your business compared to traditional desktop-based software.


With web-based software, you don’t have to install any software on your computer. You simply log into the program through your web browser. Typically, desktop software requires you to have a certain operating system and hardware capabilities. With web-based software, you don’t have to stress about that.


Web-based software allows you to run on your preferred hardware as opposed to being locked into a specific vendor. If part of your team prefers Apple and the other part prefers Android – no problem!  A web-based solution is device agnostic, so it operates the same on any type of device and operating system.


By using web-based software, you don’t have to worry about updates. An experienced IT professional installs any upgrades to the host server. The next time you access the software online, you’re automatically using the updated version.  

Additionally, web-based software is backed up daily by the hosting provider. Therefore, you don’t have to remember to perform backups. And, you don’t have to worry about losing any data.


You can access the software anytime and anywhere with a laptop or other mobile device through an Internet connection. You don’t have to work from a fixed location, because you’re restricted to using a specific computer that contains the downloaded software. The best web-based software also allows you to perform critical work offline – no Internet connection required!


With desktop software, all your data is saved to one specific computer that your software is on. With web-based software, your data is centralized, so you can access it from any computer. 

Additionally, data stored on web-based software is updated in real-time. Therefore, if your company has multiple individuals using the software, you can be assured they’re all using the same updated information to make good business decisions. 


With traditional desktop software, your data is vulnerable. Your desktop or laptop computer can be damaged or stolen, which means you can lose all your data. Additionally, you must remember to install the latest security patches and updates. Otherwise, you risk someone hacking into your computer and stealing your information.

Generally, web-based software is more secure. Your data is password-protected, so only authorized individuals can access it. Moreover, your data will often be stored on servers with multiple layers of security. Also, it will be automatically updated with the latest security patches and antivirus upgrades – and backed up regularly – ensuring your data is safeguarded.  

FormLink Systems – The Web-based Software Solution for Your Inspection Needs

Is your business looking for a safe and easy-to-use, web-based software solution for your fire and life safety inspection or backflow prevention inspection needs? FormLink Systems offers you helpful mobile data collection and reporting tools to streamline inspections and maximize your productivity. 

With FormLink Systems, you get all the web-based software benefits described above. You can choose from existing site survey form packages for fire and life safety or backflow prevention. Or, we can create a customized inspection tool based on your needs. Either way, our software enables you to work on- or off-line depending upon your environment and WiFi connection capabilities, giving you the reliable results you require. 

If you want to improve your inspections process with accurate and reliable web-based inspection reports, contact FormLink Systems today at 844-367-6565 to schedule a free demonstration. We make Fire Inspection Software simpler, so you can work smarter.