What Can Digital NFPA 25s Do for Your Inspectors?

To understand what a Digital NFPA 25 can do for your team, it is important to understand what its main purpose is. Throughout the years, safety standards have been put in place to make sure the likelihood of accidental injury and damage is very low.

What is a NFPA 25?

In 1896, the National Fire Protection Association (better known as NFPA), was created. This global, self-funded nonprofit organization committed itself to putting an end to injury death and property loss due to fire and electrical related accidents. This organization came up with a set of standards to properly inspect, test, and maintain building’s water-based fire protection system.

How Often Should My System be Inspected?

There are many parts on your water-based fire protection system which can have very different inspection times. Approximately once a week, your gauges in dry, pre-action, and deluge should be inspected. The wet pipe gauges are about a month between inspections. Then your alarm and signal devices should be inspected every three months. In addition to your alarm devices, your control valves and nameplates need to be inspected quarterly. Less frequently, your bracings, pipes, fittings, information signage, and spare sprinklers only need to be inspected once a year. Last but not least, your internal inspection of sprinkler piping only needs to be done once every five years.

Why Should Your Inspectors Use a Digital NFPA 25?

With the amount and level of inspections that your fire sprinkler system needs to go through, it is no question that pages and pages of paperwork are very outdated and inefficient, as well as prone to errors. That is why Formlink Systems has created a tool to simplify the process. With our digital NFPA 25 forms, your inspectors are able to save massive amounts of time by filling out all of their reports on their phone or tablet. Not only will your inspectors be able to save time, but they will also avoid small errors that can be caused by tedious amounts of paperwork.

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