Why make the switch to ‘niche’?

In a seemingly “big box” world, niche software solutions continue to prove their quiet, unshakeable presence. A niche software service is specialized, laser-focused, and tailor-made with you in mind.  Staying on the forefront of your industry means using niche software versus the generic, one-size-fits-all model.   If you haven’t experienced the quality that comes from niche software as a service (SaaS), consider just a few of the reasons why more and more customers are making the switch to niche.

Industry Specific Features

When you take your software needs to the niche market, suddenly you are served with solutions that were cooked up with you in mind.  Big box software solutions can allow for a wide range of businesses to create custom forms, sometimes at a reduced price.  However, as is often the case, you get what you pay for.  Niche solutions use the experience of thousands of companies just like you to anticipate your software needs before you realize them.  You directly benefit from the successes and pitfalls of companies before you.  The niche SaaS keeps its finger on the pulse of your industry and has the flexibility to constantly adjust in order to better serve you.  Additionally, the roadmap ahead for the niche customer has the success of your industry as its sole destination. 

Reporting Customization

Don’t attempt a big box, generic solution for your industry specific standards.  Fire inspection and tracking SaaS comes with a unique responsibility for safety, and a niche software service takes the guesswork out of meeting industry safety standards.  FormLink Systems offers report customization and Joint Commission features to ensure hospitals and healthcare providers maintain good standing.  These unique report customizations were conceived out of an extensive knowledge of your business landscape.   

Customer Support

Niche software solutions puts the ‘custom’ in customer support.  There are few things more frustrating than needing help and being unable to reach someone to talk you through your stumbling block.  A niche solution is not only built with your industry in mind, and therefore anticipatory of where stumbles may occur, it also has a customer support team that is fluent in your industry needs. The niche solution draws upon precise expertise that has been developed over time. 

Client Relationships

When a business makes the choice to cater to a niche market, they are committing to a vertical focus.  This means that their SaaS is personal, and all upgrades will directly benefit you.  To that end, your success is their success, and personal attention to your needs keeps business thriving.  The niche SaaS builds its brand upon customer loyalty that is earned year after year. Switching to niche means that you become a partner in business rather than just another number. 

Competition and diversity


Choosing a niche software service means you are keeping a market active and constantly diversifying to best fit your industry needs.  When small businesses are given the opportunity to compete with each other, more choices and better solutions are invariably the outcome.  FormLink Systems was able to provide the unique capability for software that works offline. This software customization isn’t necessarily applicable to the masses, but it was born out of an industry focus and competitive market that works to best serve you.  Supporting niche software service isn’t simply making the best choice for you in the moment, it’s making the best choice for your industry down the line.